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Data stewardship scholarship project

C-SIDE was awarded a Data Stewardship Scholarship in May 2021.

Data steward

Matthew Chadwick has been serving as our Data Steward since 2021 but will step down from this post beginning April 2022. The Steering Committee is currently considering replacements for this role.


To establish a dataset of sea-ice proxy sites in the Southern Hemisphere that allow one to reconstruct sea ice over a full glacial-interglacial cycle; to develop a secondary data product to derive changes in regional temperature and biogeochemistry; and to examine additional complementary data for the understanding of the relationship between sea-ice changes and biogeochemical processes.


PANGAEA (to be confirmed)
LiPD (to be confirmed)

Final products

A sea-ice proxy dataset including sites that cover the last 150,000 years will be produced and made publicly available. For the same time period, associated SST data at Southern Ocean sites will be compiled. Future work will include incorporation of the biogeochemical flux data intended.