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PAGES Magazine articles

Qiaoyu Cui, C. Kulkarni, E. Razanatsoa, Y. Li, J. Wu, M. Ji and L. Zhou (2023) Challenges and opportunities for paleo-informed ecosystem conservation in Asia, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31(2), 120 (link)
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Colombaroli D and Larson E (2022) Editorial: Socio-ecological approaches to conservation, Past Global Changes Magazine, 30(1), 33 (link)
Colombaroli D, Coughlan M, Cui Q, Mistry J, Kulkarni C & Razanatsoa E (2021) DiverseK – Integrating diverse knowledge systems for environmental policy, Past Global Changes Magazine, 29(1), 54 (link)
Colombaroli D, Mistry J, Milner A, Vannière B, Adolf C, Hawthorne D & Global Paleofire Working Group (GPWG2) (2018) DiverseK: integrating paleoecology, traditional knowledge and stakeholders, Past Global Changes Magazine, 26(2), 89 (link)

PAGES Magazine

Ailsa Chung, Niklas Kappelt, Florian Painer, Lison Soussaintjean, V. Holly L. Winton, Giulia Sinnl, Olivia L. Williams and I. Hernández-Almeida (2023) 31 (2) Young scientists at the leading edge of ice-core research, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31 (2), 57-130 (link)

Journal articles

Zhang Y, Cui Q, Blockley S, Zhou A, Chen L, Boyall L and Colombaroli D (2023) Fire History in the Qinling Mountains of East-Central China Since the Last Glacial Maximum, Geophysical Research Letters, 50 (10) (link)
Hawthorne D et al. (2021) Palaeoecological records as a guide for fire management in Killarney National Park, Ireland, Proceedings of the Geologists' Association (link)
Zhang Y, Cui Q, Huang Y, Wu D and Zhou A (2021) Vegetation Response to Holocene Climate Change in the Qinling Mountains in the Temperate–Subtropical Transition Zone of Central–East China, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 9 (link)

Meeting Products

Colombaroli D, Mistry J, Milner A, Vanniere B, Adolf C, Bilbao BA, Carcaillet C, Connor S, Daniau A-L, Hawthorne D, Jeffers E, Larson E, Petrokofsky G, Power MJ, Sinnadurai P, Berrio JC, Cassino R, Gildeeva O, Grosvenor M, Hardiman M, Hennebelle A, Kuosmanen N, Lestienne M, Portes MC, Rockell G, Tsakiridou M & Walsh A (2019) Diverse knowledge informing fire policy and biodiversity conservation: DiverseK Policy Brief, Royal Holloway University of London, UK (link)