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Forest Dynamics people

The Forest Dynamics working group was active from 2016 to 2019.

Fire disturbance in Tuanan, Borneo, Indonesia and Dayak the orangutan. Photo: Beth Barrow.

Fire disturbance in Tuanan, Borneo, Indonesia and Dayak the orangutan. Photo: Beth Barrow.

Steering group members

Jennifer Clear (Prague, Czech Republic and New Jersey, USA) is an ECR and paleoecologist interested in combining long-term sedimentary proxies with short-term dendroecology and instrumental records to reconstruct disturbance histories in Europe, USA and Indonesia.

Richard Chiverrell (Liverpool, UK) is a Professor of Physical Geography interested in sediment dynamics functioning, budget and characterisation across a range of timescales in lakes and peat.

R. Justin DeRose (Utah, USA) is a Research Ecologist with the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station where he focuses on disturbance ecology in forested systems, with particular emphasis on spruce beetle outbreaks.

Igor Drobyshev (Alnarp, Sweden and Rouyn-Noranda, Canada) is a Professor in dendrochronology, working extensively with reconstruction of boreal fire activity from fire scars and analysis of climate-fire linkages.

Jesse L. Morris (Utah, USA) is an ECR interested in combining sedimentary geochemistry, palynology and tree ring records to understand past dynamics of bark beetle and wildfire disturbances.

Miroslav Svoboda (Prague, Czech Republic) is a Professor of Forest Ecology focused on recording disturbance dynamics from dendroecological records in central Europe.

Key participants

Below are some of the participants who were involved in the Forest Dynamics group.

Tuomas Aakala (Helsinki, Finland) is an ECR focusing on forest dynamics, combining modern ecological, sedimentary and dendroecological records in Finland.

Adam Ali (Montpellier, France) is a Professor in paleochronology working primarily with lake sediment records as proxies for Holocene-long fire activity in the boreal zone.

Anne Bjune (Bergen, Norway) is a Research Scientist focusing on sedimentary archives from palaeoclimate and palaeoecology.

Richard Bradshaw (Liverpool, UK) is a Professor of Forest Ecology interested in long-term vegetation and disturbance dynamics driven by human-activity and climate change, and their influence for management and conservation of forest systems.

Kendrick Brown (British Columbia, Canada) is a Research Scientist with the Canadian Forest Service with an interest in vegetation dynamics, climate history and disturbance regimes.

Andrea Brunelle (Utah, USA) is a Professor of Geography focusing on reconstructions of past environments including fire and vegetation regimes, bark beetle outbreaks and human paleoecology from sedimentary deposits.

Vachel Carter (Utah, USA) is an ECR interested in reconstructing disturbance regimes and human land-use and their impacts on ecosystem function using palaeoecology.

Angelica Feurdean (Romania and Frankfurt, Germany) is a Research Scientist undertaking palaeoecological research in central and eastern Europe. Her research combines multi-proxy analysis (pollen, plant macrofossil, micro- and macro-charcoal particles, NPP, mineral magnetic measurements, sediment geochemistry, stable isotopes (δ15N, δ18O, δ13C) with modelling approach on a time scale ranging from few decades to tens of thousands of years.

Michael-Shawn Fletcher (Melbourne, Australia) is an assistant professor whose research interests canters on using lake sediment records to understand the interactions of climate, wildfire and subalpine plant communities in the Southern Hemisphere.

David Frank (Zurich, Switzerland) is the head of the Dendroclimatology at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and conducts research on the interactions between climate variation and forest ecosystems.

Thomas Giesecke (Göttingen, Germany) is a Heisenberg Fellow palaeoecologist interested in late Quaternary vegetation change to explore state changes in terrestrial vegetation, ecosystem resilience, threshold responses and tipping points.

Lindsey Gillson (BRICS; Cape Town, South Africa) is an associate professor in Biological Sciences and is interested in the long-term environmental dynamics of forest-grassland ecotone sites.

Simon Haberle (Canberra, Australia) is a professor who is interested in the role of past climate change and human activity on tropical and temperate ecosystems. His research is currently focused on the application of high-resolution palaeoecological analysis to understand the impact of climate variability and human activity on terrestrial ecosystems of the Pacific and Indian Oceans during the Holocene.

Philip Higuera (Montana, USA) is an Associate Professor who studies the causes and consequences of forest disturbances from time scales of years to millennia.

Andres Holz (Portland, Oregon) is an Assistant Professor of Geography focused on multi-scale analyses of spatio-temporal drivers (i.e. climate variability, human activity, topography, etc.) of vegetation dynamics, disturbance regimes, and post-disturbance ecosystem resilience using dendroecology.

Stefan Klesse (Zürich, Switzerland) is an ECR dendroclimatologist focusing on the quantification of climatically and non-climatically driven interannual variability and trends across Europe.

Bérangère Leys (Kansas, USA) is an ECR researching long-term fire ecology and consequences on ecosystems (biogeochemical cycles and vegetation dynamics).

Matts Lindbladh (Alnarp, Sweden) is a Professor of Palaeoecology with research focusing on the impact of natural and anthropogenic disturbance and land-use and the interface between palaeoecology and conservation biology.

Anthony Macharia (Nairobi, Kenya) is a lecturer of Geography with research in stable isotopes and herbivory in temperate and semi-arid landscapes.

Chiara Molinari (Lund, Sweden) is a Research Scientist with interests in palaeoecology, fire history, vegetation dynamics, climate change and human impact on terrestrial ecosystems.

Rob Morrissey (Oregon, USA) is an ECR dendroecologist interested in reconstructing forest structure and disturbance dynamics.

Tom Nagal (Ljubljana, Slovenia) is an Assistant Professor of forest ecology who studies disturbances processes and forest dynamics in the Balkan region.

Momchil Panayatov (Sofia, Bulgaria) is an ECR focusing on forest ecology, dendroecology and disturbance history in south east Europe.

Heikki Seppä (Helsinki, Finland) is a Professor of Geology focusing on long-term climatic changes and the associated ecological and biogeographical responses.

Rosemary Sherriff (California, USA) is a Professor of Geography focused on disturbance ecology, climate-vegetation interactions and forest dynamics.

Ekaterina Shorohova (BRICS; Saint Petersburg, Russia) is an Associate Professor of Forest Ecology specializing in structure function and disturbance dynamics in primeval boreal forests.

Volodymyr Trotsiuk (Ukraine) is an ECR in forest ecology focused on the reconstruction of natural disturbances and its influence on forest development using dendroecology techniques in the Carpathian Mountains.