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Data stewardship scholarship project

C-PEAT was awarded a Data Stewardship Scholarship in May 2021.

Data steward

Nicole Sanderson


To complete the existing peatland-carbon datasets with peat-based paleoecological datasets; to accomplish this, data need to be gathered. Ultimately the whole dataset will be uploaded into Neotoma.


PANGEA (for the existing datasets)
Neotoma database and LiPD framework (for the new database)

Final products

The main final product will be the "Holocene Paleo Peat Database". This will consist of a comprehensive collection of raw Holocene peat-core records and surface data (training sets) of testate amoebae, geochemistry (stable isotopes), and plant macrofossils. Transfer functions and paleoclimate reconstructions for each core will also be archived. The database will be published in a data journal; independent research articles will be published based on various analyses using the database.

Other projects and publications

C-PEAT members have published several data synthesis products since the inception of C-PEAT, including:

Charman et al. 2013 in Biogeosciences
Loisel et al. 2014 in Holocene (The database is publicly available at
Treat et al. 2015 in JGR
Loisel et al. 2016 in Earth-Science Reviews
Gallego-Sala et al. 2018 in Nature Climate Change

Datasets and analyses:

Treat et al. 2016 (pre-Holocene peatlands)
Hugelius et al. 2020 (permafrost peatlands)
Loisel et al. 2019 in Earth Science Reviews
Treat et al. 2019 in PNAS is available 

See all C-PEAT products here.