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Data stewardship scholarship project

PEOPLE3000 was awarded a Data Stewardship Scholarship in November 2021.

Data steward

Darcy Bird
Lux Miranda


PEOPLE 3000 has developed a global database of archaeological radiocarbon useful for estimating past human energy use, population size, and migration patterns. Version 1.0 of the database is in press at at Nature: Scientific Data and is currently published and archived on the Digital Archaeological Record. 

Our goal is to make this database into a 'living' database that is continually updated via a consistent methodology and metadata standards. This is essential to develop comparable estimates of past human populations across regions of the globe and to compare changes in population with changes in past climates and social organization. Radiocarbon data are continually being produced by academic and professional archaeologists globally. Thus, it is important to create a workflow that allows this dataset this grow, be maintained, and made accessible to a broad audience for reuse. 

We plan to update the database over the next year and produce version 2.0. 


The repository is currently available in the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) and, to a lesser extent, in GitHub.

Final products

Version 2.0 will be archived and published on tDAR.

> Go to the PEOPLE3000 Database (.csv 4.0 MB)