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Journal articles

Porz A, Zuschin M, Strotz L, Koskeridou E, Simoens K, Lukić R, Thivaiou D, Quillévéré F & Agiadi K (2024) Controls on long-term changes in bathyal bivalve biomass: the Pleistocene glacial–interglacial record in the eastern Mediterranean, Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers (link)
Tomašových A, Dominici S, Nawrot R & Zuschin M (2023) Temporal scales, sampling designs and age distributions in marine conservation palaeobiology, Geological Society, London, Special Publications (link)
Bas M, Salemme M, Santiago F, Godino IBI, Álvarez M and Cardona L (2023) Patterns of fish consumption by hunter-fisher-gatherer people from the Atlantic coast of Tierra del Fuego during the Holocene: Human-environmental interactions, Journal of Archaeological Science, 152 (link)
Leonhard I and Agiadi K (2023) Addressing challenges in marine conservation with fish otoliths and their death assemblages, Geological Society Special Publications, 529 (1) (link)
Agiadi K, Quillévéré F, Nawrot R, Sommeville T, Coll M, Koskeridou E, Fietzke J and Zuschin M (2023) Palaeontological evidence for community-level decrease in mesopelagic fish size during Pleistocene climate warming in the eastern Mediterranean, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 290 (link)
Agiadi K, Nawrot R, Albano PG, Koskeridou E and Zuschin M (2022) Potential and limitations of applying the mean temperature approach to fossil otolith assemblages, Environmental Biology of Fishes (link)

PAGES Magazine articles

Konstantina Agiadi and Bryony A. Caswell (2023) Geohistorical perspectives on functional connectivity patterns, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31(2), 124 (link)
Agiadi K, Caswell BA, Bas M, Holm P and Lueders-Dumont JA (2022) Q-MARE working group, Past Global Changes Magazine, 30(1), 54 (link)

PAGES Magazine

Ailsa Chung, Niklas Kappelt, Florian Painer, Lison Soussaintjean, V. Holly L. Winton, Giulia Sinnl, Olivia L. Williams and I. Hernández-Almeida (2023) 31 (2) Young scientists at the leading edge of ice-core research, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31 (2), 57-130 (link)