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Journal articles

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PAGES Magazine articles

Burstyn Y, Bühler J, Kaushal N, Rehfeld K, Braun K, Lechleitner F & Goldsmith Y (2022) SISAL Phase 2: Towards a global compilation of speleothem trace element records, Past Global Changes Magazine, 30(2), 126 (link)
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Andrea Borsato (2021) Trace (and minor) elements in speleothems (Part 2): Partition, incorporation, and climate-environmental significance (link)
Andrea Borsato (2021) Trace (and minor) elements in speleothems (Part 1): Analytical techniques, sources and transport (link)
Silvia Frisia (2021) The importance of metadata for the scope of SISAL 2 because of the complexities of trace element series (link)


Baker A, Mariethoz G, Comas-Bru L, Hartmann A, Frisia S, Borsato A, Treble P and Asrat A (2021) Stalagmite Layers Reveal Hidden Climate Stories, Eos, 102 (link)


Comas-Bru L & Kaushal N (2019) Palaeoclimate Data Syntheses: Opportunities and Challenges, - blog of the "Climate: Past, Present & Future" Division of the European Geosciences Union (link)
Comas-Bru L (2018) Cave Deposits as Recorders of Past Climates, European Meteorological Society Blog (link)

Special issues

Eds: Harrison SP & Comas-Bru L (2019) Speleothem Records and Climate, Quaternary (link)