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Journal articles

Galbraith ED, Kienast M & NICOPP working group members (2013) The acceleration of oceanic denitrification during deglacial warming, Nature Geoscience(2), vol 6, 579-584 (link)
Dubois N & Kienast M (2011) Spatial Reorganization in the Equatorial Divergence in the Eastern Tropical Pacific During the Last 150 kyr, Geophysical Research, 38 (link)
Tesdal JE, Galbraith ED & Kienast M (2013) Nitrogen Isotopes in Bulk Marine Sediment: Linking Seafloor Observations With Subseafloor Records, Biogeosciences, 10, 101-118 (link)
Robinson RS, Kienast M, Albuquerque AL, Altabet M, Contreras S, Holz RDP, Dubois N, Francois R, Galbraith E, Hsu T-C, Ivanochko T, Jaccard S, Kao S-J, Kiefer T, Kienast S, Lehmann M, Martinez P, McCarthy M, Möbius J, Pedersen T, Quan TM, Ryabenko E, Schmittner A, Schneider R, Schneider-Mor A, Shigemitsu M, Sinclair D, Somes C, Studer A, Thunell R & Yang J-Y (2012) A Review of Nitrogen Isotopic Alteration in Marine Sediments, Paleoceanography, 27 (link)

PAGES Magazine articles

Galbraith E, Kienast M & Kiefer T (2010) The nitrogen cycle in the ocean, past and present, PAGES news, 18(2), 92-93 (link)
Patrick A. Rafter, S.L. Jaccard, E.D. Galbraith, T. Kiefer and M. Kienast (2012) The nitrogen cycle in the ocean, past and present, PAGES news, 20(1), 48 (link)

Meeting Products

NICOPP Working Group (2010) NICOPP: Nitrogen Cycle in the Ocean, Past and Present (link)
Meeting participants (2010) Presentations from the 1st NICOPP workshop: Sedimentary d15N (link)