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Journal articles

Thompson DM, Conroy JL, Konecky BL, Stevenson S, DeLong KL, McKay N, Reed E, Jonkers L and Carré M (2022) Identifying Hydro-Sensitive Coral δ18O Records for Improved High-Resolution Temperature and Salinity Reconstructions, Geophysical Research Letters, 49 (9) (link)
Konecky BL, McKay NP, Churakova (Sidorova) OV, Comas-Bru L, Dassié EP, DeLong KL, Falster GM, Fischer MJ, Jones MD, Jonkers L, Kaufman DS, Leduc G, Managave SR, Martrat B, Opel T, Orsi AJ, Partin JW, Sayani HR, Thomas EK, Thompson DM, Tyler JJ, Abram NJ, Atwood AR, Cartapanis O, Conroy JL, Curran MA, Dee SG, Deininger M, Divine DV, Kern Z, Porter TJ, Stevenson SL, von Gunten L & Iso2k Project Members (2020) The Iso2k database: a global compilation of paleo-δ18O and δ2H records to aid understanding of Common Era climate, Earth System Science Data, 12, 2261–2288 (link)
Konecky B, Comas-Bru L, Dassié E, DeLong K & Partin JW (2018) Piecing Together the Big Picture on Water and Climate, Eos, 99 (link)

PAGES Magazine articles

Konecky B, Comas-Bru L & Dassié E (2017) Assessing hydroclimate patterns of the past 2000 years with paleo-δ18O and δD records, Past Global Changes Magazine, 25(2), 111 (link)