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PAGES Magazine articles

Madeleine Moyle, J. Massaferro, É. Saulnier-Talbot, N. Dubois (2023) Human traces in lake sediments: Towards a database for extracting regional signals, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31(1), 44 (link)
Saulnier-Talbot E, Dubois N & Boyle J (2021) Exploring past human impacts over time and space, Past Global Changes Magazine, 29(1), 55 (link)

PAGES Magazine

Xavier Benito, Giorgia Camperio, Ignacio A. Jara, Estelle Razanatsoa and Iván Hernández-Almeida (2023) 31 (1) Advancing past socio–environmental systems science, Past Global Changes Magazine, 30(2), 1-51 (link)