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2nd Asia2k Workshop

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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T. N.
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This workshop is organized as a part of the IGBP-PAGES Focus 2 activity to synthesize paleoclimate data during the last 2 millennia in Asian region as comprehensively as possible, following the 1st workshop held in August 2010 at Nagoya, Japan.

In this workshop, participants are required to bring their own proxy data and contribute to the Asia 2k synthesis directly. Tutorials will be conducted on using programs for processing of paleoclimate data in climate reconstructions. In return for the presentation of concrete proxy data, the participants can leave with the software and understanding on how to use it. The tree ring scientists in LDEO will provide the software for processing tree-ring data and for using them in climate reconstructions so that a 2nd version of the Monsoon Asia Drougt Atlas (MADAv2) will be produced as one of the principal Asia 2k synthesis products. In this workshop, we will try to incorporate other proxies than tree rings, such as stalagmite, coral, ice core, historical documents etc, as many as possible, by coordinating of the differences in resolution and dating control of some of the non tree-ring proxies.

Please contact organizers if you would like to participate.