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3rd Asia2k Workshop

Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China
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Dr. Zhixin HAO
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This workshop is organized within the scope of PAGES' Focus 2 activities - to expand the database of climate proxies for the Asian region and develop 2,000 year long spatial temperature and precipitation field reconstructions from multi-proxies.

Compared with recent work in North America and Europe, research on climate variability during the last 1 to 2 ka in Asia is still limited; however, this region offers rich and diverse proxies including historical records, tree rings, ice cores, lake sediments, speleothems, etc., and holds great potential for high precision reconstructions of climate in the past 1-2ka and for improving our understanding of the natural climatic variability at inter-decadal to multi-centennial time scales. In addition, our knowledge on the global synchronicity of the multi-decadal warm (MCA) or cold (LIA) intervals among the seven continental-scale regions is far from complete, and large uncertainties in the reconstructions still need to be reduced.

Following IPCC AR5, regional scale reconstructions have become more important. In addition, comparisons between the reconstructions and climate simulations should be made in order to evaluate the role of external forcings, and explain temperature fluctuations and their trends.

The Asia2k Working Group is focused on addressing some of these issues, specifically the goals of this meeting are:

1) to strengthen the working group,
2) to exchange and discuss new data,
3) to plan well-coordinated Asia2k activities for future,
4) to consolidate leadership and elect new chair(s), and
5) to conduct education/training and outreach.

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Please contact Dr. Zhixin HAO at