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PAGES Databases: Creation and Analysis

Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Matthew Jones
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Date: 9–10 September 2024 (date confirmed)
Location: University of Nottingham, UK
The event will be hybrid.


This educational meeting is training on how PAGES databases are created, LiPD, and analysis of large datasets.


This training event will directly precede the PAGES 2k Network workshop which will undertake early analysis of a first version of a new global hydroclimate database.

Database creation is a key aspect of some of PAGES’ science big successes e.g. previous 2k projects and sub projects, but their creation is complex and requires substantial work. Once the databases are created, their analysis also takes a particular set of skills, including coding experience. The workshop will help ensure this knowledge and learning is passed onto the next generations of PAGES scientists.


The objective of this educational workshop is to up skill early-career researchers (ECRs; PhD students and early stage postdocs) involved in phase 4 of PAGES 2k Network, or interested in being involved in future phases.

The training sessions, given by a series of researchers' experiences in database creation and analysis, will put the participants in a strong position to fully take part in the following science workshop, or to undertake their own research on PAGES products.

Training sessions will include lectures and practicals on: 
i) the use of LiPD; 
ii) curation of palaeoclimate data and the importance of the database; and 
iii) analysis of global scale PAGES databases.

Key speakers

Nick Mckay (Associate Professor, NAU, USA)
Georgy Falster, ECR (PDRA, ANU, Australia)
Lukas Jonkers (University of Bremen, Germany)

Other 2k co-ordinators with experience of working in these spaces will also be present to provide support to the ECRs present (e.g. Matthew Jones, Nottingham, UK; Nikita Kaushal, ECR, Oxford, UK)

The workshop will include time to work on creating and manipulating records in LiPD and coding session analysing PAGES databases.

Who is the meeting for?

The meeting is aimed at PhD students and early stage Postdocs.

Financial assistance

There is some financial assistance available for ECRs. Please contact the meeting organizers directly for details.


In a drive to make meetings more sustainable, the meeting will be based on previous 2k Network sustainability plans, including:

- discouraging air travel and encourage train travel where possible
- catering with limited disposable waste
- local and vegan food will be preferred
- enable remote participation, including live documents that remote participants can contribute to.

More information

This meeting will be taking place just before the 2k Network workshop, enabling participants to join both events. 

Find out more about the 2k Network workshop here:

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in attending the workshop and/or training session either in-person or online, please complete the EoI form here by 22 May 2024.

For more information about this meeting, please contact Matthew Jones: (matthew[dot]jones[at]nottingham[dot]ac[dot]uk)

Code of Conduct

Please refer to the PAGES Code of Conduct here