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2k Network workshop: Global-scale hydroclimate synthesis of the Common Era

Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Matthew Jones
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Date: 10–12 September 2024 (confirmed)
Location: University of Nottingham, UK
The event will be hybrid.


This workshop will focus on Objectives 1 and 2 of PAGES 2k Network Phase 4:

- Reconstruct spatial and temporal hydroclimate variability and change over the Common Era from local to global scales.
- Evaluate and constrain Earth system models using hydroclimate proxy data, whilst using models to inform process-level understanding of Common Era hydroclimate.

By the time this workshop takes place, we expect that, under Objective 1, PAGES 2k Project Members will have collated the first version of a global database of diverse hydroclimate proxy records. This database will contain Common Era hydroclimate proxy records with sufficient metadata to interpret the disparate data types in a cohesive synthesis, and will be in Linked Paleo Data (LiPD) format. The metadata fields will enable cohesive interpretation of the disparate data types, which will contain information about different aspects of palaeohydroclimate, representative of processes across timescales.

About the workshop

This workshop will focus on data synthesis and analysis. Specifically, there will be an element of ‘hackathon’, where participants will discuss, perform, and share initial global-scale hydroclimate reconstructions. The nature of these analyses will be guided by the available data types and the geographic distribution and density of different data types, which will become apparent after the database compilation is close to completion. 
Participants may also spend time finalising analyses performed in the regional subgroups.

One of the key questions to discuss will be: “Which elements of hydroclimate variability can we reconstruct over the Common Era at a global scale?”. In addressing this, we will first review the newly developed Common Era hydroclimate database, complete with metadata describing the various aspects of hydroclimate variability preserved by each proxy record (including timescales of relevance), after which we will produce a set of maps displaying the spatial and temporal distribution of several key aspects of hydroclimate,for example the isotopic composition of precipitation (Piso), moisture balance (P-E), and precipitation amount (Pamt). We will also perform targeted groundtruthing experiments, in which hydroclimate proxies that overlap with the instrumental period will be compared with observational data. These comparisons will provide foundational information about the hydroclimate variables we can feasibly reconstruct using the database. We will then extend these analyses back through the Common Era. This will address Objective 1 of PAGES2k Phase 4.

The workshop will also address Objective 2: integrating hydroclimate proxy data with climate model outputs. Participants will include experts in climate modelling (e.g. Daniel Boateng, Martin Werner). We will focus on several key aspects of hydroclimate variability in climate models, targeting known strengths and known weaknesses in model hydroclimate fields. By making initial comparisons between model simulations of the last millennium and our new hydroclimate proxy database, we will identify several first-order aspects of data-model (dis)agreement. We will further formulate a roadmap for future 2k/PMIP activities to identify how data-model comparisons can inform processlevel understanding of Common Era hydroclimate and how the database can be used in future model validation and model development activities. We will also continue the fruitful Proxy System Model (PSM) discussions from the first PAGES2k Phase 4 workshop to catalyse the development of new state-of-theart of Proxy System Models (PSMs) in order to more quantitatively link proxy data to model outputs.

Key speakers/participants

To be confirmed.

Financial assistance

There is financial assistance available for ECRs and those from low- and middle-income countries which has been provided by PAGES. Please contact the event organizers to find out more. 

Training session
PAGES Databases: Creation and Analysis

Just before the 2k Network workshop, a smaller, one-day workshop aimed at early-career researchers, will be taking place which aims to up skill ECRs (PhD students and early stage postdocs) involved in phase 4 of PAGES the 2k Network or interested in being involved in future phases. 

The training sessions, given by a series of researchers' experiences in database creation and analysis, will put the participants in a strong position to fully take part in the following science workshop, or to undertake their own research on PAGES products.

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In a drive to make meetings more sustainable, the meeting will be based on previous 2k Network sustainability plans, including:

- discouraging air travel and encourage train travel where possible
- catering with limited disposable waste
- local and vegan food will be preferred
- enable remote participation, including live documents that remote participants can contribute to.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in attending the workshop and/or training session either in-person or online, please complete the EoI form here by 22 May 2024.

Further information

For more information about this meeting, please contact Matthew Jones: (matthew[dot]jones[at]nottingham[dot]ac[dot]uk)

Code of Conduct

Please refer to the PAGES Code of Conduct here