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3rd MARDI workshop: Statistics workshop on marine Arctic diatom ecology

Aarhus, Denmark
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Christof Pearce
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Dates: 23–25 October
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Venue: Aarhus University

Most participants will join in person, but online participation will be possible for selected parts of the workshop program (e.g. invited talks, workshop summary).


The PAGES Working Group MARDI has collected diatom assemblage data of more than 1000 marine sediment surface samples across the Arctic. Although the data is sourced from different research groups which means there may be differences in applied methodologies and diatom taxonomy, we hypothesize that there are common trends in the datasets which allow us to identify relationships between assemblages and modern environmental data. This workshop will focus on statistical methods to extract these trends and relationships, with the aim of improving our understanding of ecology of the various diatom species. Ultimately this will lead to the development of new tools for quantitative reconstructions of surface ocean conditions in Arctic paleoceanography.

This is the 3rd workshop of the MARDI working group. It follows the workshop on diatom taxonomy

Organizing committee

Christof Pearce, Aarhus University, Denmark (local organizer)
Joined by the MARDI Steering committee
Audrey Limoges, University of New Brunswick, Canada
ECR Tiia Luostarinen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Kaarina Weckström, University of Helsinki, Finland
Beth Caissie, US Geological Survey, USA
ECR Mimmi Oksman, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark

Invited participants (statistics experts)

ECR Alice Carter-Champion, Royal Holloway, UK (MARDI data liaison)
Gavin Simpson, Aarhus University, Denmark 
Francesco Muschitiello, University of Cambridge, UK

Further information

Further details will be communicated as soon as these are available.
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For questions about the upcoming workshop, contact Christof Pearce via email: (christof[dot]pearce[at]geo[dot]au[dot]dk)

Code of Conduct

Please refer to the PAGES Code of Conduct here