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PAGES 2k Network PALEOLINK meeting

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Patrick Ludwig
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PAGES 2k Network PALEOLINK project members are invited to a two-hour online meeting on 23 February 2021 from 14:00 UTC.

The plan is to discuss the future of the project.


Group leaders realise it has been a long time since the workshop in Murcia in early 2019.

During that workshop, the group formed at least three working groups with different focus areas, but the momentum has been lost.

Recently, there were also some changes in the group's structure: The project lead changed to Patrick Ludwig and Hugo Beltrami stepped in as project co-lead, together with Eduardo Zorita.

The three leaders invite you to contribute to discussions about the group's future.


In this meeting, leaders would like to find out:

- if any activities have continued on since 2019;
- if there is still interest to move on with these activities and
- if new momentum can be created to revive the PALEOLINK project in general.

There is also the question, if leaders should apply for a second phase of the project at the end of 2021.

Preparations before the meeting

If you want to participate in the meeting, please fill in this form: and provide some information on the expertise you could bring to PALEOLINK.

This will help leaders to identify possible focus areas that could provide the basis for the project's continuation.

Plus, if you wish to participate in the meeting, please prepare one to two slides showing your possible contribution/ideas to the future of PALEOLINK.

How to join

Link for the meeting:

Meeting-ID: 692 5856 6942
Password: 686049

Further information

Contact one of the group leaders.