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Activity Clusters

Activity Clusters represent ongoing projects within the ECN that focus on creating and/or maintaining particular products or activities that serve the ECN community. They are organized by active ECN members, supported by the ECN Steering Committee, and are a primary way for members to connect with the ECN and PAGES communities.

Any ECR can take a leadership role in ECN projects and activities that they have particular interest in. If you are interested in getting involved in a cluster, you can contact the cluster directly (see contact information and "how to get involved" on each Activity Cluster page). If you are interested in starting a new cluster, please contact the Steering Committee: show mail address.


Cluster leaders/editors: Stella AlexandroffMatthew DrewChristine Omuombo and Tamara Trofimova.

The Early Pages is a blog by and about early-career researchers in the paleosciences. We share the latest research (Science Stories) and experiences (Views and Experiences) of early-career paleoscientists.

The purpose of the blog is both to increase the visibility of ECRs' work and to communicate the importance of paleosciences to a broad audience. The blog also hosts advice by senior scientists and professionals. All posts are peer-reviewed and can be found in our Products.

How to participate: ECRs can get involved in this cluster by sharing their stories, reviewing upcoming posts, commenting on existing contributions, and proposing important topics for composite posts. For more information, contact: show mail address and/or follow the group on Twitter: @TheEarlyPages


Cluster leadersStella AlexandroffAlicja BonkFranziska Lechleitner, and Tamara Trofimova

The Science Activity Cluster is a multidisciplinary network for scientific collaboration. Scientific networks and collaborative projects can address research questions that are beyond the scope of a single researcher or discipline and therefore provide added value to society. It is particularly important for ECRs to collaborate on new projects with researchers outside their departments to build their scientific network and establish external funding support. However, for ECRs it can be difficult to gain access to such networks and projects.

This cluster is intended to provide a platform for ECRs to meet and discuss potential synergies and collaborations, in particular with respect to writing collaborative papers, applying for joint project funding, or even to think about starting a new PAGES working group. The platform is intended for bottom-up and self-organized collaborations. The Science Cluster organizers will connect ECRs and offer support where they can Organizers aim to connect ECRs and offer support where they can, but will not provide any training, funding, language corrections, or project ideas as a group.

At the moment, the cluster format is very open but will mainly act as a platform that connects ECRs who want to develop ideas and collaborate with each other. Virtual meetings will be organized, either in large groups or break-out groups, where participants can exchange their ideas and discuss details of potential collaboration.

How to participate: To join the Science Cluster mailing list and engage with other researchers seeking science collaboration through this platform, contact: show mail address


Cluster leader: Nick SchafstallLena ThöleOnema Adojoh, Fernanda Charqeño Celis and Moustapha Moussa

The Webinar Cluster aims to organize online webinars targeted for ECRs. This includes gauging interest from the ECR community, seeking out speakers, and moderating the events.

We organize a minimum of two webinars per year, but also aid other active ECN members in organizing their own webinars. Webinar topics can either be scientific, skills development or focused on important aspects of ECR career paths.

All webinars are recorded and stored on our YouTube Channel, an overview is found in our ECN Resources. For upcoming webinars, check out our Meetings and Events.

How to participate: You can email the Webinar Cluster if you would like to make suggestions for webinar topics or speakers, host a webinar in collaboration with PAGES ECN, or express interest in joining the leadership team. For more information, contact: show mail address


The PAGES ECN seeks to host or co-host annual workshops to provide training and networking opportunities for ECRs. The organizational team for such workshops may vary according to the scientific scope and geographic interest of the topic and targeted participants. The Workshop cluster therefore comprises rotating teams of ECN members, which may or may not include one or more ECN Steering Committee members.

Any ECR who wishes to develop a workshop under the auspices of the PAGES ECN, or in partnership with the PAGES ECN, should contact the Steering Committee for guidance and organizational support: show mail address


Past Workshops:

Funding starts here - Grant writing for early-career researchers

26-29 May 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

Organizing committee: Stella Alexandroff, Xavier Benito, Alicja Bonk, Vachel Carter, Madelyn Mette, Caroline Quanbeck, Nick Schafstall, Tamara Trofimova,

Past Socio-Environmental Systems (PASES2020)

Co-hosted by PAGES and INQUA

November 2020


Organizing committee: Xavier Benito (PAGES), Ignacio A Jara (PAGES), Michela Mariani, Anna-Marie Klamt, Victor Merino (PAGES), Francesca Ferrario (INQUA), Kimberley Davies (INQUA), Giorgia Camperio, Emuobosa Orijeime (INQUA), Fernanda Charqueño (PAGES), Aliyu Adamu Isa (INQUA).

Write Club

Cluster leaders: Stella Alexandroff and Georgy Falster

The Write Club was created with the goal to help each each other find the time and motivation to write regularly. Our facilitators use the Pomodoro technique during regular virtual writing retreats for members in all time zones.

By signing up to a retreat, you create a non-negotiable time slot in your calendar that you will dedicate to writing - without distractions, and in the company of supportive fellow ECRs.

We also offer multi-week writing challenges for some extra motivation (and friendly peer pressure!).

How to participate: You are very welcome to become a member by joining our mailing list – as a member, you will be able to sign up to upcoming retreats and challenges. You are also invited to become a facilitator yourself, i.e. host retreats at times that work for you, which others can join. For more information, contact: show mail address