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CarpClim objectives and goals

The purpose of the CarpClim Working group is to bring together an international group of scientists interested in the current state and future evolution of the Carpathian Region, to discuss research results and promote opportunities for interdisciplinary and international collaboration.


Photo credit: Marcel Mindrescu.

The main objectives are to:

1. Create a solid group of researchers who have worked previously and/or are interested in expanding their research interests in the Carpathian Region;

2. Develop joint research ideas and activities with local and foreign scientists which would greatly increase the quality and relevance of the research itself and yielded results;

3. Facilitate knowledge transfer from senior researchers to early-career scientists, as well as from researchers originating in countries with significant paleoclimate expertise to scientists from countries where paleosciences have only recently been introduced;

4. Create a framework for supporting initiatives and motivating researchers to study past climatic and environmental changes in one of the most sensitive and wild regions of Europe;

5. Elaborate joint/common work plans and methodologies within the group which would be applied by group members for various studies in their respective study areas;

6. Disseminate the advances made by CarpClim members by creating a website where the contributions of the group could be posted, a database of (paleo)climatic and (paleo)environmental studies in this region, as well as a journal dedicated to the Carpathian environment and climate (open-access).

Further information

Find out more about the scientists involved in the group on the People page.

Questions can be emailed to group leader Marcel Mindrescu: