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Data stewardship scholarship project

The 2k Network was awarded a Data Stewardship Scholarship in May 2021.

Data steward

Jasmine Hunter


To comprehensively document the existing PAGES 2k databases and make them as interoperable as possible.


The databases will be deposited in a trusted repository to be determined. Software tools will be published according to FAIR principles under an open license. A development version will be hosted on a software development platform such as GitHub.

The beta version will soon be made public on the PAGES 2k webpage. We aim to mirror the portal on a trusted repository with a persistent identifier. 

Final products

Build a comprehensive 2k one-stop-shop portal to the existing 2k database locations.

Create documentation with database metadata.

Publish documentation of past and ongoing data products; target journal is Earth System Science Data.

Develop software tools to ensure and improve the usability and interoperability of the most recent versions of the 2k databases, 2k reconstructions derived from them, regional products from all phases of the 2k Network, and non-2k data products that are of interest for studying the Common Era.

Update of activities 2021 - 2022

The aim was to comprehensively document the PAGES 2k databases and make them as interoperable as possible, as a legacy for all researchers regardless of the future of the 2k Network.

The Data Stewardship Scholar, Jasmine Hunter, has documented PAGES 2k database metadata (what databases exist, what they cover, where to find them, what format (e.g. LiPD), version history, related publications, existing data tools and other relevant metadata as needed). The document is in the form of a one-stop-shop portal website hosted by PAGES 2k.

It is a first step towards maximising the ICON-FAIRness of 2k data products, i.e. as Integrated, Coordinated, Open, Networked, and  Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (Wilkinson et al., 2016, NATURE SCI. DATA; Goldman et al., 2021, EOS). To ensure the longevity of the website, we also aim to mirror the portal with a persistent identifier (PID), e.g., a DOI at a repository (e.g. WDS-Paleo etc.). Once the metadata portal is finalised we will initiate the process of obtaining a PID for the repository. We are in the process of drafting a short publication for Earth System Science Data.The paper will document the breadth of the database metadata and any unique database setup that future users need to be aware of. 

Through this effort we have improved the reusability and interoperability between different databases, thus removing a major barrier to 2k science. During this process, we identified further reusability/interoperability issues and identified where tools for increased interoperability are needed. If time had permitted we would have begun tool development to address reusability/interoperability issues however, this proved larger than the timeframe of the Data Stewardship Scholarship. Subsequent scholarship applications will focus on tools for interlinking data in common formats for the stakeholders, i.e. researchers using 2k data.

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