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PAGES Magazine articles

Atwood A.R., Moore A.L., Long S., Pauly R., DeLong K., Wagner A. and Hargreaves J.A. (2024) The CoralHydro2k Seawater δ18O Database, Past Global Changes Magazine, 32(1), 59 (link)
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PAGES Magazine

Katrina Kremer, Michael Strupler, Katleen Wils, Renaldo Gastineau, Tatiana Izquierdo and Iván Hernández-Almeida (2024) 32 (1) (Paleo)-Earthquake and -Tsunami Science, Past Global Changes Magazine, 32 (1), 3-63 (link)

Journal articles

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Meeting Products

Xoplaki E, Jones P, Herrera RG, Besonen M, Diaz H, Gershunov A, Zerefos C, Giannakopoulos C, Griggs C, Raible C & Tourre YM (2008) Symposium Report: Climate extremes during recent millennia and their impact on Mediterranean societies (link)
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Wagner S (2019) PALEOLINK Workshop (link)


Michael White (2018) 2k coordinator Nerilie Abram interview, ForecastPod # 37 (link)