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Special issues

(2021) Ecological resilience: from theory to empirical observations using long-term datasets, Biology Letters (link)

Journal articles

Seddon AWR (2021) Special feature: measuring components of ecological resilience in long-term ecological datasets, Biology Letters, 17, 20200881 (link)
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Calder WJ & Shuman B (2019) Detecting past changes in vegetation resilience in the context of a changing climate, Biology Letters, 15(6), 20190388 (link)
Lamentowicz M, Gałka M, Marcisz K, Słowiński M, Kajukało-Drygalska K, Druguet Dayras M & Jassey VEJ (2019) Unveiling tipping points in long-term ecological records from Sphagnum-dominated peatlands, Biology Letters, 15(6), 20190358 (link)
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Meeting Products

(2020) Our Future on Earth: Science Insights into our Planet and Society (link)

PAGES Magazine articles

Hamilton R, Brussel T, Asena Q, Bruél R, Marcisz K, Słowiński M & Morris J (2018) Assessing the links between resilience, disturbance and functional traits in paleoecological datasets, Past Global Changes Magazine, 26(2), 87 (link)
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Seddon AWR (2017) What do we mean by regime shift? Distinguishing between extrinsic and intrinsic forcing in paleoecological data, Past Global Changes Magazine, 25(2), 94-95 (link)
Seddon AWR, Cole LE, Morris J, Fletcher M-S & Willis KJ (2016) EcoRe3 - Resistance, Recovery and Resilience of Long-term Ecological Systems, Past Global Changes Magazine, 24(2), 75 (link)