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PAGES Early-Career Network Steering Committee applications

The PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) are welcoming applications for the Past Global Changes (PAGES) Early-Career Network Steering Committee members due to leadership rotation. 

"Please consider applying for this role if you are a graduate student or recent MSc/PhD in the paleosciences and you are eager to contribute to early-career networking and PAGES and PAGES ECN goals/activities. Your volunteer participation as a Steering Committee member will give you the opportunity to help shape the early-career paleoscience landscape, make you more visible among a wide network of peers, and provide valuable leadership experience to draw upon in future roles. The SC meets every two weeks to organize ongoing and future activities, manage communications and updates among activity clusters, members, and the larger PAGES and ECN communities, and ensure the ECN is effectively supporting its goals. For more information about the network, explore our webpage.

To apply to serve on the ECN Steering Committee, please send the following materials to

  1. A one-page cover letter (this is a statement of interest describing your qualifications and motivation for the role); and
  2.  A professional resume or CV (max 2 pages).

We anticipate the successful applicant(s) to begin their role in January, 2023.

Applications will be accepted through December 2, 2022. 

The PAGES ECN Steering Committee

Stella Alexandroff (retiring)
Georgy Falster
Ignacio Jara
Madelyn Mette (retiring)
Juliana Nogueira
Tina Omuombo
Jessie Pearl
Lena Thöle
Tamara Trofimova (retiring)"

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