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Switzerland's Future Day

When PAST meets the Future 2022

For the second year in a row, PAGES was pleased to be able to participate in Switzerland's Future Day. 


What started in 2001 as Switzerland's 'National Daughter's Day' has grown into Switzerland's Future Day. The idea is simple; enable children to catch a glimpse into an area of work that might seem atypical for them and their futures. In doing so, they are offered a unique opportunity to explore new horizons and have new experiences to increase their self-confidence as they contemplate their futures. 


PAGES scope of work certainly falls into the more atypical areas of work from the perspective of an 11/12-year old, so you can imagine we were positively surprised when two youngsters contacted us showing interest in visiting PAGES International Project Office for the day. 


Thank you to Clara and Lydia for choosing to visit us at PAGES. We wish you all the very best!