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The Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project (PMIP) has launched PMIP WINGS (PMIP Web-based INteractive Global Seminars), an online seminar series which the group hopes everyone will want to be part of. 

The idea is to hold seminars approximately once a month on the last Thursday of the month. 

The format can develop but the plan is to start with two 20 minutes presentations plus discussion, finished within an hour, on Zoom. 

The actual time of the meeting will vary so that everyone will have the chance to attend some of the seminars live. The events will be recorded and made available to all on YouTube or some other open platform.

PMIP would like to build the program for the year ahead (2023) and are hoping that everyone in PMIP will want to present something at some point. 

Please email (pmip-wings[at]lsce[dot]ipsl[dot]fr) to volunteer to present something.

You can present anything PMIPish. It can be science results, plans, work in progress, proposals for things that PMIP could do, or really any other things that may be of interest to the members of PMIP.

In order to fully enable the global nature, PMIP would like one more organiser in the Americas, who can host a big Zoom meeting and handle the recording and upload. Presently we have IPSL (France), UCL (UK), Uni Heidelberg (German) and AORI (Japan) (ie Masa K, Chris B, Kira R and Masa Y) who are able to host. Please email (pmip-wings[at]lsce[dot]ipsl[dot]fr )if you might be able to fill this role.

The first seminar will be on Thursday, 26 January at 16:00 UTC, with Martin Renoult from Stockholm University, and Alan Seltzer from Woods Hole as the speakers. We will post the Zoom link to the list (PMIP-announce: (pmip-announce[at]lists[dot]lsce[dot]ipsl[dot]fr)) in the week before the first seminar.

From the PMIP team as of December 2022: Masa YoshimoriKira RehfeldMasa Kageyama, Julia Hargreaves, Chris Brierley