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Call for new Risk-KAN past4future working group leaders

Would you like to join the leadership team of the past4future Risk-KAN working group?

What is the Risk-KAN?

The Knowledge Action Network (KAN) on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events (Risk-KAN)  is a joint initiative by Future Earth, Integrated Research on Distaster Risk (IRDR), the World Climate Research Program (WCRP) and the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP). 

It "provides an open platform for scientific communities from across science disciplines and engineering working on extreme events, disaster risk reduction and governance to exchange information, knowledge and data and engage in collaborative research activities. The Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events, a Future Earth GRN, is a joint initiative of the Future Earth, IRDR, WCRP and WWRP programs."

Within the Risk-KAN, various working groups function as active platforms where research, networking and other activities are carried out, spanning a broad range of topics that contribute to the implementation and objectives of the Risk-KAN as a whole. 

Current Risk-KAN working groups comprise:

  • Compound Events and Impacts
  • Learning from the past / past4future
  • Early Warning
  • Ecosystem -based approaches to DRR
  • Low elevated coastal zones and cities
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Metabolic Risk on Islands
  • Systemic risks and global governance
  • Climate Risk Modeling and Management

Call for new leadership

The current leaders of the past4future Risk-KAN working group are looking for successors.

"Since its inception, we have been running this working group, organizing webinars, special issues, papers, conference sessions, and distributing relevant news to you all. We’re increasingly realizing, however, that our schedules no longer permit what this neat working group deserves. 

We therefore issue an open call for a new WG leadership, which also comes with a seat in the Risk-KAN steering committee. It is not a heavy task, and one that is as exciting as you make it.

So if you are interested in how to use deep time or historical data in the context of extreme event, public understanding and policy-making, please do get in touch."

Contact the current past4future leadership:

Felix Riede:
Huw Groucutt:
Philip Riris:
Michael Evans:

Further information

On 15 April 2021, PAGES hosted a webinar with two of the current leaders, Felix Riede and Phil Riris, where they explain what a Risk-KAN is, how past4future fits into the bigger picture, and what being a member of the past4future working group entails.

> Access the webinar
> Access the Risk KAN mission document (September 2021) 
> Visit the Risk-KAN website