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C-PEAT workshop: Recent carbon accumulation: peatland processes and ecosystem services

The workshop will take place simultaneously in three hubs (hybrid) from 8-12 May 2023, but all hubs will follow the same agenda.  

The C-PEAT workshop format will be hybrid with three hubs:

  • Indonesia (Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province)
  • Poland (Adam Mickiewicz University)
  • USA (Houston, Texas A&M University) 

The three hybrid hubs will work face-to-face in different time zones, but come together too at specific times. 
Time zones: USA: GMT-7 / Poland: GMT+2 / Indonesia: GMT+7

Access to the meetings: Please make sure to sign up to the C-PEAT mailing list:

The group is working on a detailed booklet that contains all the information needed to navigate all the talks and discussions, including each hub's detailed schedule, talk abstracts, lists of speakers, and connection details (via Zoom) for those who wish to watch the talks and/or participate in the group discussions live.

Note 1: the booklet is not complete as of now (status 2 May 2023), but you are invited to browse it and mark your agenda for the talks and discussions you don't want to miss! We don't anticipate major changes to the schedules.

Note 2:  all the talks will be recorded and shared, such that you can either "attend live" using Zoom and/or choose to watch the talks on your own time. Of course, the discussions will only be "live"; we do not intend to record them. 

Note 3: the workshop is open to all! You do not need permission from the group leaders to attend the talks or discussion groups. You are also welcome to share the link to the booklet with your research groups, colleagues, and others as you see fit.

Lastly, the group will be working on community products (i.e., manuscripts) and new research ideas throughout the workshop; see the hub schedules for more details.
Co-authorship will be offered to remote attendees (as well as in-person attendees) who contribute to the discussions during and/or after the workshop, and who help with data collection/analysis, writing, etc. Here, the leaders just wanted to make it clear that they care about remote participants' contributions to the discussions that will take place. Everyone is a part of this great group of scientists, even if you could not join in person. 

Zoom links will be shared by the group leaders, as well as any further information and updates via the mailing list towards the end of this week. Please sign up to the C-PEAT mailing list to receive any updates:

More information

> Contact the hubs' organizers: Gusti Anshari and Nisa Novita (Indonesia), Mariusz Lamentowicz, Katarzyna Marcisz, and Angela Gallego-Sala (Poland), Nicole Sanderson and Julie Loisel (USA)
> Contact the C-PEAT leaders
> Find out more about the C-PEAT working group
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