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The utility of historical records for hazard analysis in an area of marginal cyclone influence

By: Switzer AD, Christensen J, Aldridge J, Taylor D, Churchill J, Watson H, Fraser MW and Shaw J

In a new paper in Communications Earth & Environment, Switzer Ad et al look at Shark Bay Marine Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Australia and a region of marginal tropical cyclone influence. Through a structured analysis of novel historical archive information, the authors discuss a 1921 Tropical Cyclone and sustainable management of unique environments that are vulnerable to natural hazards. 

Switzer el al find that "The outcome underscores the global importance of examining the probable maximum event for risk management in areas of marginal cyclone influence where vulnerable ecosystems or vital regional infrastructure of key economic importance are located, and the need to factor in TC risk in marine conservation and planning in the Shark Bay World Heritage Property."

The study specifically highlights risk for communities around tropical cyclone influence, and advocates for the clear value of historical archives in land use planning, emergency management and environmental management. 

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