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Deglacial perspectives of future sea level for Singapore

Deglacial perspectives of future sea level for Singapore

By: Shaw TA, Li T, Ng T, Cahill N, Chua S, Majewski JM, Nathan Y, Garner GG, Kopp RE, Hanebuth TJJ, Switzer AD and Horton BJ

Published in Communications Earth & Environment, Shaw TA et al. address "Deglacial perspectives of future sea level for Singapore".

The authors focus on the topic of sea-level rise and how this continuing threat to low-lying islands, coastal deltas and lowlands are at particular risk. They argue that "The implications of rising sea level, however, will be spatially disproportionate with equatorial and tropical latitudes of Asia facing the greatest impacts where substantial populations live below projected sea- and flood-levels".

In their paper, they present probability perspectives for future sea level for Singapore and "a synthesis of the evolution of RSL in equatorial Southeast Asia combining geological reconstructions and instrumental records of RSL change from the Sunda Shelf and Singapore. This region is important because of the availability of detailed RSL datasets spanning the LGM (~21.5 kyr BP) through the last deglacial transition (LDT, ~18–11 kyr BP)26,30, Holocene (~11 kyr BP)31 and present instrumental period (20th and 21st century)15,32 that are not unduly affected by vertical land motion processes33,34,35."

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