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For each issue of the PAGES Magazine, a new webform must be completed to order a free hard copy.

The window for ordering a hard copy of the magazine before the deadline will be communicated via PAGES' monthly newsletter, front page news on the website and social media. Once the deadline has passed for ordering a hard copy, the magazine will only be available online. However, if you wish to order larger batches (more than 10 magazines), please contact PAGES IPO ( directly, by the same deadline for the online webform orders. The reason for this is that extra copies need to be ordered with the printers at the same time as the data for individual copies gets sent to the printer. PAGES will no longer be keeping a large number of hard copies in the archives at the IPO.  

How to order a hard copy:

Please complete your details via this webform (this will be opened and closed prior to the publication of each magazine):

If I have already completed the webform once, must I do it again?

Yes. For each new magazine that is published, the addresses gathered from the last webform are deleted. This means that you will be required to fill in the webform with your updated details again. 

Why these changes?

PAGES is committed to providing access to paleoscience in an accessible and informative way. Past Global Changes Magazine is a free magazine with this aim, published twice annually, and delivered in hard copy format, free of charge, to those who are interested.

Until 2022, PAGES relied on the People Database on the website to compile the list of those interested in receiving a hard copy of the magazine. However, the PAGES office received a very high volume of returned magazines to postal addresses that were no longer correct. 

Considering this, and the commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way of ensuring magazines arrive on the doorstep of those who wish to receive them, the decision was made to change the magazine distribution policy.

We would like to encourage those of you who prefer hard copies to please consider "donating" your hard copy to a coffee/tea/social room, kitchen, etc. where a larger audience may benefit from access to the magazine in hard copy format. Alternatively, PAGES also offers the option of creating a profile for an institution/library/department, etc. (i.e. non-human) to order a hard copy of the magazine. These profiles will automatically receive a copy, without having to update address for every new issue, or complete the webform. 

More information

If you have questions, issues or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: (pages[at]pages[dot]unibe[dot]ch)

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Image credit: *Lou and Blanket coring 2 by Louise Newman*