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The SISAL webApp

The SISAL webApp is out

The SISAL working group has developed "The SISAL webApp" which is out and available to use.

Since the structure of the SISAL database requires the use of codes which may make it difficult to access the database for everyday research, a project was initiated within the PAGES SISAL Working Group to construct a web-based interface to access the SISAL database using an online web app, with a user-friendly GUI front-end to increase SISAL database accessibility.

> Access the SISAL webApp here:
> Access the description paper which has been published in Quaternary Research here.
> Download the paper as a pdf here

If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions for future desired options (within reason), please feel free to contact the SISAL working group members here:

This study was undertaken by SISAL (Speleothem Isotopes Synthesis and AnaLysis), a working group of the Past Global Changes (PAGES) project, which in turn receives support from the Swiss Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

The PAGES Data Stewardship Scholarship (DSS_108) also supported this work. We thank SISAL members who contributed their published data to the database and provided additional information when necessary. Authors also thank the IT team of the RCAES, namely Evelin Bányai for installing the app on servers. We are also grateful to the SISAL Phase 2 Steering Committee for help in debugging the app. This is contribution No. 85 of the 2ka Palæoclimatology Research Group. The first author dedicates this paper to the memory of his beloved grandmother, Marta Chiovini (1928–2023).