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The 5th PAGES Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) will be taking place at Tongji University (Siping Road Campus), located in Shanghai,from 19–20 May 2025.

With a long and rich history, Tongji University is one of the leading universities in China. The university is located approximately  20 minutes’ drive from the Shanghai Railway Station and participants can access the Metro Line 10 directly to Tongji University Station, amongst many other easy modes of transport.

The YSM, which will be taking place before the PAGES 7th Open Science Meeting, has a size of ~80 participants. 


The aim of the YSM is to support the development of young paleoscientists (early-career researchers; ECRs) by providing the opportunity to advance their scientific skills and to build international networks among colleagues at a similar career level, as well as with leading senior scientists. ECRs are given the opportunity to present their work, while also participating in tutored workshops on topics that are pressing and important for ECRs today.

The tentative program is available for the YSM in Shanghai 2025, and includes an invited talk by Yassine Ait-Brahim on "Delving into North Africa's past: Speleothem-Paleoclimate Research (and the Role of PAGES)", panel discussions, "speed dating", social events and dinners, poster sessions and breakout groups.

Breakout group sessions cover a wide range of topics that ECRs encounter in today's paleoscience landscape and will cover:

1. Navigating Interdisciplinary Research Challenges
2. Mentorship and Networking Opportunities
3. Exploring Opportunities: Funding Strategies and Career Advancement in Paleoenvironmental Research
4. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Building Confidence
5. Adapting to Remote and Collaborative Work Environments
6. The Scientific Publication. What is its Future and how did it all start?
7. Manuscript Preparation and Submission Strategies
8. Community Engagement and Indigenous Perspectives in Paleoenvironmental Research
9. The Future of Research. What do you need? What do you expect from PAGES?
10. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The YSM is moderated and guided by a scientific committee comprising individuals from all over the world, covering a range of expertise, and age groups. YSM participants will have the opportunity to spend two intense days discussing the opportunities and challenges out there today, and find ideas, mentorship and guidance by some more senior and experienced scientists, on the one hand, and connect with fellow early-career researchers on the other. The networking opportunity is invaluable, and the chance to meet and get to know other ECRs before tackling the large, and for some, more intimidating, Open Science Meeting (OSM) makes things much easier.

Application process

In order to attend the YSM, ECRs must apply via an online webform. 
All applications are screened by the pre-selected YSM Scientific Committee for elligibility, based on criteria such as ECR status, relevance of research to PAGES science, geographical location (to ensure diversity and inclusivity), etc. Approximately 80 candidates are selected, and are then invited to register for the YSM, and for the OSM which takes place directly afterwards.

There is funding available for ECRs, which can be applied for simultaneously.  

All YSM participants are invited to participate in the OSM that takes place immediately after the YSM, to present their results to a larger community, and to build networks with senior colleagues.

Registering for the two events takes place as follows:
Step 1: Apply to attend the YSM via the PAGES online webform by 1 December 2024
Step 2: Once notified of your acceptance to attend the YSM, register for the OSM and YSM via the User Center on the official OSM2025 website:

Please be aware that as the two events take place in separate locations in Shanghai, hotel bookings and registration will need to be made separately for both events in the User Center.

Applications to attend the YSM open: 1 August 2024
Deadline to apply: 1 December 2024

Once open, the link to apply to attend the YSM will be available here.
It will also be available on the official OSM 2025 webpage here:

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Please don't hesitate to contact the PAGES IPO via email:, or the OSM Local Organizing Committee (LOC):