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Guest seeks volunteers

PAGES welcomes guest scientist Dr Erle Ellis to our office in Bern.

Ellis, on leave for one year from the University of Maryland in Baltimore, USA, is a professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems.

A long-time collaborator with PAGES, he will work with the LandCover6k working group and GLP on his GLOBE project. He is also working on a special issue of the Journal: Land on Anthromes 12k, and writing a book.

GLOBE currently supports real-time global geospatial analysis. The plan is to build a prototype for real-time geo-temporal analysis and visualization over the past 50,000 years. Ellis aims to show how both can connect in deep time, using online interactive tools.

Volunteers are being sought. People involved in paleodata archives, geostatistics and visualization are encouraged to contact Ellis by November 30.