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The PAGES-endorsed Arctic Holocene Transitions (AHT) project recently published a linked series of three major review papers in a special issue of Quaternary Science Reviews.

These papers provide major regional summaries of Holocene climate history across the western Arctic, building on an extensive compilation of previously published proxy climate records (Sundqvist et al. 2014). They compare the Arctic Holocene dataset with other available paleoenvironmental evidence to reconstruct spatial-temporal patterns of temperature change and to quantify the most prominent trends represented by a large variety of palaeo-evidence from terrestrial and marine sites north of 58°N.

The papers focus on eastern Beringia (northwestern North America; Kaufman et al. 2016), Arctic Canada and Greenland (northeastern North America, Briner et al. 2016) and the North Atlantic - Fennoscandia region (Sejrup et al. 2016).