Alicja Bonk to receive ECA

Alicja Bonk to receive ECA

PAGES is pleased to announce the inaugural PAGES Early-Career Award (ECA) recipient is Dr Alicja Bonk.

Alicja is an Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator in the Division of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology at the Institute of Geography, University of Gdańsk, Poland.

She is an oceanographer specializing in marine geology, who now focuses on annually laminated lake sediments.

Alicja said it was an honour to receive the first PAGES ECA. "I am honestly surprised and touched by this decision," she said. "I promise to continue my efforts to improve my research and scientific outreach, and will be delighted to share my work with the PAGES community during the OSM."

The colleagues who nominated her recognized her expertize in paleolimnology, her cross-disciplinary work to improve knowledge of past global changes in East-Central Europe, and her ability to establish new collaborations. The ECA Committee also took into consideration her involvement in the development of the PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) and continued work within the group.

The award will be presented at PAGES' 6th Open Science Meeting (OSM) in Agadir, Morocco, in May 2022. Alicja will also present her work during the meeting.

Find out more about the PAGES ECA here. The next call for nominations will be in two years.