New DiverseK group launch

New DiverseK group launch

PAGES is pleased to announce the launch of the new working group DiverseK. It is a network of environmental and social scientists working to develop recommendations for the most pressing environmental and social justice issues.

Worldwide, the loss of biodiversity through increased land-conversion, regional climate changes and catastrophic wildfires are causing irreversible consequences for habitats and livelihoods. This calls for a reassessment of environmental policies in many areas under protection, particularly where conservation plans lack the full knowledge base to solve existing conflicts between restoration targets, local livelihood/traditions, and ecological processes in the context of their long-term variability.

DiverseK working group leader Daniele Colombaroli believes the time is right to tackle the group's goals and objectives.

"There is an urgent need to integrate diverse knowledge coming from (paleo)ecological and socio/cultural disciplines to tackle complex sustainability challenges in the future," he said.
"We welcome people interested in bridging disciplines (paleoecology, traditional ecological knowledge, dendroecology) and contributing to our group discussion with case studies from their study regions related to biodiversity conservation, fire impacts, ecosystem management and restoration."

Find out more about DiverseK and sign up to its mailing list here.

The groundwork for DiverseK was established in the last years of the PAGES Global Paleofire Working Group 2 (GPWG2) and they released a Policy Brief in 2019.