Human Traces group launches

Human Traces group launches

PAGES welcomes the new Human Traces working group to the fold.

Human Traces will focus on the long legacy of pre-Anthropocene human impacts and aims to address the knowledge gap about spatial and temporal variations in early human impacts.

Leader Nathalie Dubois said the group will start with a paleolimnological approach and will continue the work started by PAGES' former working group Aquatic Transitions.

"Human activities in the Paleoanthropocene had regionally asynchronous impacts that manifested differently in various parts of the world," Nathalie said.

"Our new working group aims to create a global synthesis of human traces in geologic archives, to place the Anthropocene within a longer temporal context.

"We welcome scientists from any discipline working with or searching for human traces in the stratigraphic records. To encourage participation from all over the world, we will rely on online meetings and workshops at larger international conferences such as the PAGES OSM."

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