Past Global Changes Horizons cover volume 1

Call for hard copies: Past Global Changes Horizons

Call for hard copies of Past Global Changes Horizons volume 1 and/or volume 2 (forthcoming). 

This year, in April 2021, PAGES launched a new publication called Past Global Changes Horizons with the specific aim of explaining "global change" to younger generations. 

It's not news that the Earth is changing. This is on everyone's lips today, but scientists pose questions to a younger audience in Past Global Changes Horizons such as "how unique is the change that our planet is experiencing compared to changes in the past?" and, more importantly, "what is the role of humans in this global change?". These scientists, called paleoscientists, show us that the only real way to find out the answers to such important questions is to travel back in time. How do they do this? By looking at what ice cores, ice sheets, caves, deserts, former landscapes, lake sediments, tree rings, and much much more can tell us about the way things were in the past - the changes that have taken place, and why. 

They do this in an easy-to-understand and accessible way, through the use of comics, pictures and drawings. 

Paleoscientists "cross the mirror of time in order to learn from our past to better understand our present and, more importantly, to help inform decisions about how to create a better future."

If you would like to receive a copy of Past Global Changes Horizons volume 1 and/or volume 2 (forthcoming in 2022), or believe you know of an educational institution that would be interested, then please contact the PAGES IPO via email: and let us know which volume(s) you are interested in, and a complete mailing address. 

For more information or to read volume 1 online, please see here