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DEEPICE: A new European network of young researchers to unveil past climate changes in Antarctica

A network of international researchers launches a European collaboration on October 14th 2021. This collaboration will train a new generation of scientists to understand how past climate changes impacted Antarctica. > Read more

'The DEEPICE project is an innovative training network for a new generation of 15 early-stage researchers in instrumentation, ice core analysis, statistic tools and glaciological and climatic modelling. It features 10 research organisations and universities as well as 10 partner organisations from 11 different countries.

This EU-funded project started on the 1st of January 2021 and will last until the 31st of December 2024.

Connection to PAGES

Each of the 15 PhD students will write a two-page letter about their work in a special issue of the Past Global Changes Magazine dedicated to DEEPICE results planned for publication in 2024.

For this realisation, the PAGES International Project Office (IPO) will also host four of those students for a secondment and supervise them for the editing of the special issue.

The IPO will also be involved in a training school dedicated to Science and Climate Change Communication, Education, and Engagement.

Many people in DEEPICE are PAGES members or have participated in PAGES events and are, therefore, well acquainted with its interests and standards.

The involvement of PAGES in DEEPICE also greatly contributes to reinforcing the strong network of experienced and young scientists.