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First Future Earth Assembly - Online, 29 and 30 September

The Future Earth Assembly will gather for the first time online, on 29 and 30 September 2021 to elect its new Governing Council. 
Future Earth is a global research platform designed to provide the knowledge needed to support transformations towards sustainability. It is also  the world’s largest community of sustainability scientists, of which PAGES has been a part of  as a Global Research Project since 2015. Future Earth seeks to build and connect knowledge to increase the impact of research in diverse contexts, to explore new development paths, and to find new ways to accelerate transitions to sustainable development.

In a bold step in 2021, Future Earth made the decision to restructure its organization. The new, simplified governance structure will consist of an Assembly (inclusive body representing the Future earth community and mostly consisting of scientists) and a Governing Council (elected, operational decision-making body working on behalf of the Assembly).  

On 29-30 September, the first Assembly meeting will be taking place which will predominantly focus on a presentation of the new governance structure, and to the Governing Council elections. 

In addition, each Future Earth entity will have the opportunity to introduce their activities by way of a poster and/or a short 2-5 minute video.

We hope you enjoy the PAGES video. > Watch video