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PAGES SSC meeting hybrid 2022

It's a wrap for the PAGES SSC Hybrid meeting 2022

PAGES' activities are overseen by an international Scientific Steering Committee (SSC).

The authority for all PAGES policies and activities resides with the PAGES SSC. Members are active scientists who represent the major disciplines in the paleosciences and provide geographical representation. Alongside expertise and nationalities, the SSC also aims to obtain a balance in gender and career stages.

The full complement of the SSC attempt to meet once a year in person. In 2020 this was not possible, but we were thrilled to be able to welcome a few members of the SSC to Bern, Switzerland, this year, in hybrid format.

We thank all our SSC members that attended both in-person and online for the PAGES SSC Meeting 2022. 

Applications to become a member of PAGES' SSC are welcomed from the community, with open calls made generally once a year. 

SSC tasks include:

– Overall responsibility for the PAGES project
– Developing and promoting PAGES' scientific agenda
– Communicating with the PAGES International Project Office
– Acting as a liaison to PAGES workshop organizers and working groups
– Representing PAGES at meetings
– As opportunities arise, SSC members may also host PAGES workshops, guest edit PAGES Magazine or journal issues, and coordinate national PAGES activities.

Scientists who serve on the SSC normally do so for a period of three years, with the potential of renewal for an additional term.

In general, the annual SSC meeting is a closed meeting for SSC members and a few invited guests; however, anyone with a particular interest in attending parts of the meeting should contact Marie-France Loutre.

In addition, the Executive Committee (EXCOM) (a subset of SSC members) will also hold a short meeting during this period to decide on the approval of new working groups and workshop financial support, among other items.

In the photo from left to right:
Online (top row, left to right): Fabrice Lambert, Zhimin Jian (PAGES Co-chair), Liping Zhou
Back (left to right): Leigh Martens Winiger (PAGES IPO), Willy Tinner (PAGES Co-chair), Martin Grosjean, Paul Valdes
Front (left to right): Sarah Eggleston (PAGES IPO), Keely Mills, Aixue Hu, Marie-France Loutre (PAGES IPO), Tamara Trofimova (ECN), Boris Vannière, Ilham Bouimetarhan, Aster Gebrekirstos, Elena Ivanova
Missing in the picture: Ed Brook, Emilie Capron, M. Eugenia Ferrero, Pradeep Srivastava

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