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The Human Traces Working group is pleased to announce the launch of its monthly Webinar Series starting on 13 December 2021.


19 Jan 2022 - 3pm UTC
Prof Jacob Freeman, Utah State University, USA
Risk and Fragility in Prehistoric Populations
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16 Feb 2022 - 8pm UTC
Dr. Sebastian Naeher, GNS Science, New Zealand
Calibration of organic biomarkers and compound-specific isotopes as indicators of water quality, environmental and climate change in New Zealand lakes
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16 Mar 2022 -  3pm UTC
Dr. Jérémy Jacob, LSCE, France
Human traces in sewers: taking the pulse of the city
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Additional Talks will follow. Please get in touch with the Human Traces Steering Committee if you would like to present your work related to Human Traces.


13 Dec 2021
Dr. Madison Bell, University of Ottawa
Paleolimnology in support of archeology: Embracing the future to investigate the past
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