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PAGES Magazine articles

Natasha L.M. Barlow, A. Rovere and A. J. Meltzner (2023) Paleo sea level and ice sheets for the Earth’s future, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31(2), 123 (link)
Alessio Rovere, S.G. Alvarado, J.M. Doherty and N. Khan (2023) Advancing Last Interglacial and Holocene sea-level databases, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31(1), 51 (link)
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Rovere A & Dutton A (2021) PALSEA: 13 years of ice-sheet and sea-level science, Past Global Changes Magazine, 29(1), 18-20 (link)

PAGES Magazine

Ailsa Chung, Niklas Kappelt, Florian Painer, Lison Soussaintjean, V. Holly L. Winton, Giulia Sinnl, Olivia L. Williams and I. Hernández-Almeida (2023) 31 (2) Young scientists at the leading edge of ice-core research, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31 (2), 57-130 (link)
Xavier Benito, Giorgia Camperio, Ignacio A. Jara, Estelle Razanatsoa and Iván Hernández-Almeida (2023) 31 (1) Advancing past socio–environmental systems science, Past Global Changes Magazine, 31(1), 1-51 (link)

Journal articles

Dumitru OA, Dyer B, Austermann J, Sandstrom MR, Goldstein SL, D'Andrea WJ, Cashman M, Creel R, Bolge L and Raymo ME (2023) Last interglacial global mean sea level from high-precision U-series ages of Bahamian fossil coral reefs, Quaternary Science Reviews, 318 (link)
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Rush G, Garrett E, Bateman MD, Bigg GR, Hibbert FD, Smith DE and Gehrels WR (2023) The magnitude and source of meltwater forcing of the 8.2 ka climate event constrained by relative sea-level data from eastern Scotland, Quaternary Science Advances (link)
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Shaw TA, Li T, Ng T, Cahill N, Chua S, Majewski JM, Nathan Y, Garner GG, Kopp RE, Hanebuth TJJ, Switzer AD and Horton BJ (2023) Deglacial perspectives of future sea level for Singapore, Communications Earth & Environment, 4 (link)
Joyse KM, Khan NS, Moyer RP, Radabaugh KR, Hong I, Chappel AR, Walker JS, Sanders CJ, Engelhart SE, Kopp RE and Horton BP (2023) The characteristics and preservation potential of Hurricane Irma's overwash deposit in southern Florida, USA, Marine Geology, 461 (link)
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Pollard OG, Barlow NLM, Gregoire L, Gomez N, Cartelle V, Ely JC and Astfalck LC (2023) Quantifying the Uncertainty in the Eurasian Ice-Sheet Geometry at the Penultimate Glacial Maximum (Marine Isotope Stage 6), The Cryosphere (link)
Hollyday A, Austermann J, Lloyd A, Hoggard M, Richards F and Rovere A (2023) A revised estimate of early Pliocene global mean sea level using geodynamic models of the Patagonian slab window, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (link)
Walker JS, Khan NS, Shaw TA, Barber DC, Switzer AD and Horton BJ (2023) Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Live Salt-Marsh Foraminifera in Southern New Jersey: Implications for Sea-Level Studies, Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 53 (1) (link)
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Khan NS, Ashe E, Moyer RP, Kempe AC, Engelhart SE, Brain MJ, Toth LT, Chappel A, Christie M, Kopp RE and Horton BP (2022) Relative sea-level change in South Florida during the past ka ~5 years , Global and Planetary Change (link)
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(2021) Evidence for a “Little Ice Age” glacial advance within the Antarctic Peninsula – Examples from glacially-overrun raised beaches, Quaternary Science Reviews, 271 (link)
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Meeting Products

Thompson WG & Andersen MB (2010) Facilitating Progress on the Quaternary History of Sea Level Change, Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 91 (link)
Shakun J, Clark PU, Rosenthal Y, Köhler, Schrag D, Pollard D, Hostetler S, Liu Z, Bartlein P, Pisias N & Mix H. (2022) Global Temperature and Sea-level Change Over the Last 4.5 Myr (link)