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Out now! Past Global Changes Magazine (30)2: “Sea ice in the polar regions”

Past Global Changes Magazine vol.30 no.2: "Sea ice in the polar regions" with a special section on "Early-career perspectives on ice-core science" is available to read.

Understanding past, present, and future changes in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice is crucial to understanding a wide range of interconnected impacts. This special issue contains articles describing novel proxies and reconstructions of sea ice at a range of timescales from both poles, highlighting some state-of-the-art knowledge in this field.

Sea ice in the polar regions guest editors: Matthew Chadwick, Karen E. Kohfeld, Amy Leventer, Anna Pieńkowski, Heike Zimmermann and Sarah Eggleston

Special section: Early-career perspectives on ice-core science guest editors: Jessica Badgeley, T.J. Fudge, Bess Koffman and Summer Rupper.

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Table of contents “Sea ice in the polar regions”


Sea ice in the polar regions

Science highlights

  • Sea ice in the satellite era
  • An Inuit sea-ice-change atlas from Mittimatalik, Nunavut
  • Understanding differences in Antarctic sea-ice-extent reconstructions in the Ross, Amundsen, and Bellingshausen seas since 1900
  • Sea ice: An extraordinary and unique, yet fragile, biome
  • Sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA) as a new paleo proxy to investigate organismal responses to past environmental changes in Antarctica
  • Getting to the core of sea-ice reconstructions: Tracing Arctic sea ice using sedimentary ancient DNA
  • Snow petrel stomach-oil deposits as a new biological archive of Antarctic sea ice
  • Wood, whales, and the water's edge: Three proxies for interpreting past sea-ice conditions on arctic beaches
  • Reconstructing Antarctic sea ice from 130,000 years ago
  • The importance of glacial-interglacial Antarctic sea-ice reconstructions in understanding atmospheric CO2 variability
  • Past glacial-interglacial changes in Arctic Ocean sea-ice conditions
  • Last Interglacial Arctic sea ice as simulated by the latest generation of climate models
  • Quaternary Arctic sea-ice cover: Mostly perennial with seasonal openings during interglacials


Early-career perspectives on ice-core science

Science highlights

  • From drilling to data: Retrieval, transportation, analysis, and long-term storage of ice-core samples
  • Putting the time in time machine: Methods to date ice cores
  • Our frozen past: Ice-core insights into Earth's climate history
  • Ice-core records of atmospheric composition and chemistry
  • Fire trapped in ice: An introduction to biomass burning records from high-alpine and polar ice cores
  • Ice-core records of human impacts on the environment
  • The living record: Considerations for future biological studies of ice cores
  • Firn: Applications for the interpretation of ice-core records and estimation of ice-sheet mass balance
  • What can deep ice, water, sediments, and bedrock at the ice–bed interface tell us?
  • Ice-core constraints on past sea-level change
  • West African paleoclimate reconstruction from estuary mangrove sediments
  • Anthropogenic effects on climate and hydrology of Central Brazil
  • The palynology and paleoenvironment of the coastal environment of Southern Nigeria in the Holocene


SEDI-SHARE: A new community initiative to promote sediment sample sharing

Workshop reports

  • Studying the past, early-career researchers gather in the virtual world for a better future
  • Learning from the past for a sustainable future
  • Toward a more inclusive and diverse PAGES community
  • Understanding past hydrological changes in Africa since the Last Glacial Maximum
  • SISAL Phase 2: Towards a global compilation of speleothem trace element records
  • Climate Change: The Karst Record IX conference (KR9)
  • Low oxygen in coastal and marine waters
  • Gathering an interdisciplinary community to explore carbon-cycle complexities over the history of the Earth
  • The European Pollen Database in Neotoma: Expanding horizons to new proxy communities

Data stewardship

PAGES 2k data portal and the LiPDverse

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