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Symposium: image credit Mari Smith on Pixabay

Register for the PAGES Symposium

PAGES will be hosting a symposium on 1 June in Bern, Switzerland, with an option to attend online.

The purpose of the meeting is to highlight the broad and diverse achievements of PAGES working groups. The symposium will be held in conjunction with the PAGES scientific steering committee (SSC) meeting. It will be an opportunity for a direct discussion between PAGES working groups and the SSC.

PAGES supporters and partners will also be invited.

Participation is free. 

Register online via this form:

The deadline for registration is 4 May 2023.

Further details will be provided as soon as this is available.

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Upcoming PAGES working group workshops and meetings:

CRIAS workshop: Climate and Conflict Revisited: Perspectives from the past and the present
11-12 May, University of Oslo, Norway, and online
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DiverseK workshop: Challenges and opportunities for Paleo-informed ecosystem conservation in Asia
13-16 May, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, Beijing, China
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VICS 5th workshop: Moving forward by looking back
22-24 May, UniS, Schanzenstrasse 1, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland and online
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Q-MARE workshop: Geohistorical perspectives on functional connectivity patterns
22-25 May, Cineteatro Municipal João Mota, Sesimbra, Portugal
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MARDI workshop: Harmonisation of (sub)Arctic diatom taxonomy
7-9 June, University of Helsinki, Finland
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QUIGS workshop - Interglacial intensity
19-22 September, Grenoble University Campus, France
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To see all upcoming events and meetings, visit the PAGES "Calendar"