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LAND Special Issue: Call for Papers

There is a Call for Papers in the Land Special Issue on "Pollen-Based Reconstruction of Holocene Land Cover".

Qiaoyu Cui, DiverseK Steering Committee Member, will be leading the publication for the journal /Land/(ISSN 2073-445X). With diverse concerns that cover the various facets of the research topic, it is believed that this project will offer an effective way to present your research, thereby helping readers and authors to search publications with congeneric research interests.

For this Special Issue, we are interested in contributions that are linked to the pollen-based reconstruction of Holocene land cover, including but not limited to:

  1. Quantifying modern pollen–vegetation relationships;
  2. Regional-continental scales vegetation reconstructions based on the REVEALS model;
  3. Local vegetation reconstruction based on the LRA approach;
  4. Vegetation response to Holocene climate change;
  5. Distinguishment of the effect of anthropogenic and natural land-cover change on climate;
  6. Holocene plant diversity study based on pollen; Novel methods in the quantitative reconstruction of past land cover, based on pollen;
  7. Feedback of land-cover changes on the climate system: a perspective from climate modeling.

Details and further information can be found on the website:  

The official submission deadline for this section is 18 May 2023, though papers will be published on an ongoing basis.

We cordially invite you to submit a paper to this Special Issue, and we would appreciate it if you could recommend this Special Issue to your colleagues. 

If you are interested in this special issue, please feel free to contact me, the editorial board at (or, or submit your manuscripts directly at:  

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