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VICS workshop

VICS 5th workshop - Program and abstract booklet available

The Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society (VICS) working group 5th Workshop “Moving forward by looking back” will take place from 22-24 May at the University of Bern, Switzerland and online.

The program and abstract booklet is available here


The PAGES VICS Working Group aims to use an interdisciplinary approach to (1) coordinate improved reconstructions of volcanic radiative forcing, (2) enhance our understanding of volcanically-induced climate variability, and (3) deepen our understanding of societal impacts and human responses to volcanic eruptions. We will address these issues at the 5th VICS workshop and extend their range deeper into the past and future.

Selected workshop objectives:

  • Summarise the current state of volcanic reconstructions, associated climate forcing and societal impacts.
  • Integrate new ice-core reconstructions of volcanic activity and radiative forcing, covering the past 60,000 years, into assessments of natural climate variability and volcanic risk.
  • Expand the themes of VICS drawing on evidence from archaeology, palynology and textural sources.
  • Introduce new results from CMIP6 and PMIP4 model simulations related to volcanic eruptions and climate impact.

Development of strategies to engage stakeholders and the general public concerning volcanic hazards.

Workshop sessions:

  • Volcanology and hazards
  • Climate and volcanic proxies
  • Observations and models
  • Human impacts in history and archaeology

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