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PAGES Newsletter June 2023

In the PAGES June newsletter, we would like to remind the community of a few upcoming deadlines and announce the location for the next Open Science Meeting (OSM) and Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) in 2025. 

PAGES also takes this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the symposium on 1 June (in-person and online), as well as all speakers. The event was a great success!

  1. Past Global Changes Magazine, Vol. 31, No. 1 
  2. Mobility Fellowships for African, Latin American and Caribbean early-career scientists
  3. Next deadline for new working groups and workshop/meeting support
  4. PAGES Open Science Meeting and Young Scientists Meeting 2025
  5. Working group news
  6. PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN)
  7. Supported and endorsed workshops, endorsed, affiliated and past working groups' news
  8. Future Earth
  9. World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
  10. Other news and opportunities 

1. Past Global Changes Magazine, Vol. 31, No. 1

For those who missed the announcement in May, the most recent Past Global Changes Magazine on “Advancing past socio-environmental systems science"  is available to read online. This issue addresses how humans, social elements, and natural processes interact with each other and the environment through time. Understanding interactions and feedback mechanisms in these so-called past socio-environmental systems (SES) helps society to adapt, build resilience and develop more sustainable practices. > Access the magazine 

2. Mobility Fellowships for African, Latin American and Caribbean early-career scientists

The call for applications for both the PAGES-IAI Fellowship Program aimed at Latin American and Caribbean early-career scientists and the Inter-Africa Mobility Research Fellowship Program aimed at African early-career scientists is open. The deadline for applications is 18 August. > More information 

3. New working groups and meeting support deadline 

The next deadline for new working groups, working groups wishing to apply for a next phase, meeting and/or workshop support, is 11 September. Please remember to contact an SSC member at least two weeks prior to submission of the application. > More information  

4. PAGES Open Science Meeting and Young Scientists Meeting 2025

PAGES is thrilled to announce that the next Open Science Meeting (OSM) and Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) will take place in Shanghai, China, in 2025. Details will be communicated as soon as these have been established. 

5. Working group news

i. Mailing lists

Did you know all PAGES working groups have designated mailing lists? Stay up to date directly. > Details for all mailing lists 

ii. Synthesizing human traces in the stratigraphic record (Human Traces)

The next three seminars in the seminar series have been announced, with Dr. Shanjia Zhang (Postdoc at Lanzhou University, China) on “Detecting the imprint of human impact on the environment during the prehistoric and historical period in the middle-eastern Silk Road” on 26 June at 10:00 UTC. On 25 September, Nicolás Zanetta will present "The metal revolution for Sustainable Development: missing the local scale" and on 20 October, Dr. Silvana Halac will speak about "Tackling the evolution and dynamics of the Anthropocene from sedimentary records in artificial lakes of Central Argentina: The water quality challenge". > All details 

iii. Disentangling climate and pre-industrial human impacts on marine ecosystems (Q-MARE) 

Recordings of the last two seminars in the Q-MARE seminar series are available to watch: 7 June with John Pandolfi on "The detection, causes and consequences of novelty in marine ecosystems" and 3 May 2023  with Loren Mcclenachan on "Using archives to understand ecological dynamics in coastal oceans". > More information 

6. PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN

To receive a comprehensive list of ECN news and announcements, sign up to the mailing list.

i. Train-ME: fully-funded summer school in sampling and coring methods

Applications are open for the Training School on Methods in Applied Earth and Aquatic Sciences (Train-ME) aimed at students, doctoral candidates, and junior scientists in Germany and southern Africa. The training school will take place in Richards Bay, South Africa, from 24-30 September 2023 and is fully funded (travel, accommodation, subsistence). The deadline for applications is today, 15 June. > More information 

ii. Writing Club

The ECN runs a writing club, which is a great way to set aside non-negotiable time in busy calendars for writing. Each Write Club retreat runs for approximately two hours, and is structured according to the ‘Pomodoro’ method: 25 minutes of uninterrupted, distraction-free writing, followed by 5 minutes of break time. Retreats are run by facilitators in different time zones. If you are interested in joining the writing club, either as a participant or as a facilitator of a retreat, please email (writeclub[dot]pages[dot]ecn[at]gmail[dot]com).  

7. Supported and endorsed workshops, endorsed, affiliated and past working groups' news

PAGES is pleased to have an association with the following groups and has provided either financial support or endorsement for the workshops and conferences.

> Find out more about PAGES' endorsed and affiliated groups

> Apply for workshop or conference endorsement

> See PAGES former working groups

i. Research and training network on understanding Deep icE corE Proxies to Infer past antarctiC climatE dynamics (DEEPICE) 

The fourth DEEPICE newsletter is available to read. It provides details of the third annual meeting, a list of DEEPICE students who will present their work at major international conferences, recent DEEPICE activities, as well as a summary of the DEEPICE PhD projects. > Read the newsletter 

ii. PALeo constraints on SEA level rise (PALSEA)

a. Switzer AD et al. have published a new paper in Communications Earth & Environment on "The utility of historical records for hazard analysis in an area of marginal cyclone influence". > Access article 

b. A new paper by Joyse KM et al. has been published in Marine Geology on “The characteristics and preservation potential of Hurricane Irma's overwash deposit in southern Florida, USA”. > Access article 

c. Shaw TA et al. have just published a paper on “Deglacial perspectives of future sea level for Singapore” in Communications Earth & Environment. > Access article 

iii. The Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project (PMIP

The sixth PMIP WINGS seminar will be held on 22 June at 09:00 UTC with Masanobu Yamamoto (Hokkaido University) on "CO2 reconstruction based on Indian C3/C4 vegetation changes over the past 1.46 million years" and Axel Timmermann (IBS Center for Climate Physics) on “Simulating 3 million years of Earth history with a CGCM”. > More information 


8. Future Earth 

i. Read the Future Earth May newsletter

ii. PAGES short course at SRI2023

PAGES will be supporting the “Sustainability science short course pilot project” which will take place on 30 June at the Panama Convention Center from 13:30 - 15:30 UTC. The training module workshop will be divided into modules and cover topical areas such as Climate System Science, Ecosystem Science, Environmental Economics, Sustainability Sociology, and Action Research. > Details 

iii. SRI2024 

The SRI2024 will be held in Helsinki and Espoo, Finland, from 10-15 June, 2024. The fourth edition of the Congress will be organized in collaboration with the Sustainability Science Days (SSD), a joint effort of the University of Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) and Aalto University. > More information 

iv. Call for nomination of experts for the scoping meeting for the IPCC methodology report on short-lived climate forcers

Future Earth was invited to nominate experts to the IPCC scoping meeting for the IPCC methodology report on short-lived climate forcers (SLCFs). The scoping meeting will be held in late 2023 or early 2024. The Methodology Report on SLCFs will be produced under the IPCC's 7th Assessment Cycle. Please send your nomination through the form by 23 June. > Nominations form  

v. Call for side event applications for COP28- deadline extended

The UNFCCC COP28 will be taking place in the United Arab Emirates from 20 November - 12 December. Future Earth (observer organization) once again has the opportunity to submit a side event application. Last year, PAGES SSC member Boris Vannière, amongst others, presented in the side event "Wildfire increase, a challenge for Earth system and societies". If you would like to submit a proposal, please do so via the spreadsheet. You will also be able to see other proposals in the spreadsheet, and are welcome to contact other people directly to discuss collaborations. The deadline to submit a proposal is now 27 June. If you have any questions, please contact > Submit proposal 

vi. New paper on “Safe and just Earth system boundaries”

The Earth Commission has released a significant study on quantifying Earth system boundaries published in Nature. The paper, which was a collaboration of more than 40 researchers globally, delivers the "first quantification of safe and just Earth system boundaries on a global and local level for several biophysical processes and systems that regulate the state of the Earth system". > Access the article 

9. World Climate Research Programme (WCRP

CLIVAR > Read the May bulletin 

10. Other news & opportunities

i. New publication: Quaternary Vegetation Dynamics of Europe

Former PAGES SSC member and former Co-Chair, Willy Tinner, together with Gerhard Lang and Karl-Ernst Behre, have released a new publication on "Quaternary Vegetation Dynamics of Europe". This textbook is the first paleo-based vegetation history overview for an entire continent, summarizing over 100 years of research with more than 3000 references. > Read more 

ii. Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) > Read the May Newsletter 

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