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(Paleo)-Earthquake and -Tsunami Science

The latest issue of Past Global Changes Magazine on "(Paleo)-Earthquake and -Tsunami Science" is now available to read and download online.

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Guest editors

Katrina Kremer
Michael Strupler
Katleen Wils
Renaldo Gastineau
Tatiana Izquierdo
Iván Hernández-Almeida

About this issue

This issue on (Paleo)-Earthquakes and -Tsunamis covers a wide range of techniques to study recent (years to decades ago) and (pre)historical earthquakes and tsunamis performed in diverse terrestrial and aquatic settings.

The studies presented cover regions that are characterized by high recurrence rates of seismic (and related tsunami) activity, as well as those with large time gaps between events.

A broad variety of different methodologies is included, all aiming to better understand location, timing, and recurrence rates of earthquakes and tsunamis. Novel concepts and methodologies, as well as challenges regarding the identification of the seismic and tsunami hazard in the geological record, are presented.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

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