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The PAGES Early-Career Award

PAGES announces a biennial Early-Career Award (ECA) for excellence in collaborative scholarship, including research, communication, outreach, leadership, networking, community service, and international collaboration.

PAGES facilitates activities that address past changes in the Earth system in a quantitative and process-oriented way in order to improve predictions of future climate and ecosystems, and inform strategies for sustainability. PAGES pursues broad objectives and goals that cannot be reached by a single research team but require the integration of a wider international science community.

The PAGES ECA honors people in the early stages of their career for their engagement both within and beyond the scientific community, for example through (though not limited to) involvement in science coordination, outreach, networking, leadership activities, development of international collaborations and for excellence in research in support of PAGES' goals.

The first Award was publicly presented by PAGES at the online Open Science Meeting (OSM) from 16-20 May, 2022 to Dr. Alicja Bonk.

Awardees receive a certificate, an invitation to present at the OSM, and travel expenses to attend the OSM.

Eligibility criteria

Any person is eligible to receive one PAGES ECA in their lifetime.

Candidates must be undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters/PhD) students, or within 60 months of completing their PhD at the application deadline, or (in the case of extenuating circumstances, such as parental leave (up to one year of parental leave may be added per child, where appropriate), partial employment, military service, career breaks or health-related absences) within five years of full-time scientific research employment.

Procedure and requirements for nomination

The next deadline will be announced shortly.

Self-nominations are not accepted.

Members of the PAGES Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) are ineligible for consideration, nor may they provide any of the required documents for nominees (see below).

Nominations for the Award must be emailed to Click here to show mail address, using the subject title "PAGES Early-Career Award nomination".

The nomination package (five pages total; emailed as one pdf document) should include:

1. A nomination letter, not to exceed one single-spaced A4 page, providing a brief history of the nominee’s work and publications, and explaining why the nominee deserves the PAGES ECA;

2. Two signed supporting letters, each not to exceed one single-spaced A4 page, providing a concise summary of the nominee’s contributions and potential in paleoenvironmental science. At least one letter should come from outside the nominee’s home institution;

3. The nominee’s CV, not to exceed two single-spaced A4 pages, providing:

- career stage, and PhD award date and number of subsequent months in full-time scientific employment when relevant;
- highlights of the applicant’s scientific work, international collaboration, community service within and outside the scientific community, outreach, and leadership in PAGES-relevant research activities;
- brief statement of research opportunities and performance (see for example ROPE).

Nomination packages not meeting these criteria will not be reviewed.

PAGES ECA Committee

The Award Committee consists of the PAGES Co-chairsPAGES' Executive Director and the PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) representative in the SSC.

The Committee recommends the awardee to the SSC for final approval.

The Award is announced as soon as the decision is made.