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PAGES endorses relevant paleoscience conferences, meetings and workshops when requested. This endorsement does not involve a financial transaction.

PAGES does not endorse sessions at larger conferences, unless they are conducted by our working groups.

Endorsement involves the right to use the PAGES logo, and publicity via PAGES' outlets (including the monthly newsletter).

Requests for endorsement will be assessed by PAGES' SSC in January, April, July, and October of each year. Notifications will be sent shortly afterwards.

**This proposal form is only for workshop/meeting endorsement requests. It is NOT for workshops being organized by official PAGES working groups. If you are applying on behalf of your PAGES working group, please go here.**

To be considered for PAGES' endorsement, applications should meet the following criteria:

- Relevance to PAGES' Science Structure and scope of PAGES' interests
- Open i.e. offering an opportunity for interested colleagues to register or submit an application
- International participation. Please keep in mind travel restrictions when choosing a meeting location and consider alternative ways of participation for those unable to travel, i.e. recording major presentations, hybrid meetings, etc.
- Multidisciplinary involvement
- Forward thinking
- Aiming to integrate, coordinate, and/or synthesize
- Encouraging the participation of early-career scientists (until ca. 5 years after PhD) and those from developing countries (including BRICS countries).

Please note: This online form will time-out after 1 hour. To avoid loss of data, prepare your proposal offline using this template (MS Word) and then copy-paste text blocks into the form.​

The MS Word template and online webform were last updated on 30 January 2024. 

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